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Forced return after repair

AuthorForced return after repair
Hello, hello!

Why the smith must hold the repaired item if the customer have no inventory space left and the item can not be return after the work is done?
Currently I'm holding one item for free beause this situation.
I think there must be a forced retur here.
Customer must manage her/his inventory after all.
Or in extreme situation, when the customer is blocked for 1 year. What will happened her/his item? Can not be return, sold, or discard.


I have made some suggestions too, even for the repair to take place at the other person inventory and not in our smith if they can't force return, waiting.

However this can be easily abused and players (or alt chars) could be used for long term storage.


Player transfers all personal arts for repair

Clan mates send artifacts to player

Player send those arts for repair also

Repair timers run out and forced return occurs

Player now has 300 items in inventory with 100 slots


There would need to be some safeguard against this
I think calamity's idea is good:

repair to take place at the other person's inventory
+1 and +1, and yeah +1
+1 and +1, and yeah +1

Maybe something like Market
When u post a lot on market, Your inventory is still occupied until it's sold.

Same way, Inventory reserves space for artifacts sent for repair.
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