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Questions from a returned player II - Economy & Guilds (CG & WG).

AuthorQuestions from a returned player II - Economy & Guilds (CG & WG).
Hello again,

A direct question, how do I obtain reliable funds beyond enrolling excluding donations (diamonds).

The roulette is out of the question. Best way to destroy and account.

Regarding guilds, is the WG reward is more than the money invested in arts?

Thank you.
You will know as a returning player that enrolling is still the primary way to make money, as your LG increases the amount of gold per enrol also increases

Other ways to make money:

Playing the game: for the most part hunts/mg are profitable. Playing events is often profitable (this latest one definitely was)

Market trading: buying and selling art profit

Selling resources to facilities: this is not as popular/profitable as it used to be

More advanced:

High level thieves guild in min AP: If you grind it up this can be more profitable than enrolling

Share ownership: receipt of dividends/sale for cap gains

Renting artifacts: the rental market isn't as accessible as it used to be but profit opportunities still exist

Smiths guild/enchanting: this is not truly profitable in that the capital costs are giant but it provides a regular cash flow at max level.

Estates: same as above this is not profitable but comes with cash flow

Leaders guild: somebody else knows more about this than I do but there are certain instances where it can be profitable if you have good troops.

Regarding guilds, is the WG reward is more than the money invested in arts?

With WG it's roughly break even or slight cost. You can use cheap arts and get some of the profit back but at the expense of your star rating. WG is not considered a money maker
Thank you very much for the elaborate answer.

Based on your wise advice, I'll stick to enrolling, HG & MG for extra cast and save money for shares.
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