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Returning player Pt.1

AuthorReturning player Pt.1
Helllo im playing from 2009 and i had some accounts blocked to illegal transfers
i returned after a decade or 7 years and i found so many new things
what do u suggest me doing how to keep up with money exp events>?
Enroll, Tournament (mainly ST), Mercenary guild(elements sale) lastly donate ( if possible )
Do not play roulette, no matter how much you earn, everything you earn will go out.
for Murali:why survival tournament? For exp lv up ?
Survival tournaments pay a lot of gold now. you can earn about 40k easily from each ST by scoring high with just 3-4 factions. and you can even play with unbuilt castles to score anything and get a small reward for that too
for Blindspot:
Wait wait so i have nothing built to all factions exept elf if i do survival with all my factions even without upgrades etc i wi get gold ?
I will aim with elf for high score but i really need a piece of advice i also have TG so i have 450K when i reach lv 5
Any other suggestions and advices thx in advance for anyone trying to help me
I think Blindspot meant partically build Castle. Not possible to do survival tournament if you haven't build any.
He said with unbuilt castle thats what i thought
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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