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Hunting Season


AuthorHunting Season
What faction is good for this event other than holy knight which I don't want to play with. I tried with fury barb during day of barb but it seemed difficult.
i swap between hk, classic and when hunts seem hard/unbeatable i look at dark elf or shooter classic barb. so far i have something like 25 hk, 13 classic knight 2 dark elf and 1 barb game. 40/40 currently
Jassi: Charmer elf has been very comfortable in shop arts. Max sharps, dryads and unis. I use mage helmet/armor/boots and take striving speed talent.
Like this (lvl 40): https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?warid=1224268032&show_for_all=L4756c0c48e
Dark elf
Classic Barb is easy too, in shop arts.
Wolf Raiders one shot everything. You just need to give them time to hit multiple targets.

Victories / Combats: 50 / 50
Total pts: 75

noticable increase in difficulty today. was happy to see it. had to actually think about what fights to take.

played 5 as de, 2 as hk, 2 as fire dwarf and 1 classic knight
so I had this weird bug where I started the battle with Knights faction
while I was elves?
what was that?!
I didn't switch my faction at all
Victories / Combats: 60 / 69
Total pts: 90

All wins as classic barb shop arts.
Losses came mostly when trying fury barb, or enchanted fights. Bad idea.

Fire shield fights (around 4 out of the 60) were most interesting. You need to keep orcs alive to take out the lava dragons, and that's a tough sell against enemy magicians. Best solution was to take a full stack of cyclops which baits better than orcs.
@FearmyArmy. Used script to check enemies??
proud of myself, first time ever I scored max points in this event...thanks to the "extra arts" from giving money to this game provided by my clan's depot!

not sure if in profit or not but I guess it's not...was fun nevertheless :)

gold: 149,400
Hunting season

Victories / Combats: 60 / 60
Total pts: 90

honestly a little bit of a shock people have trouble with this event, always thought it was just a freebie event if you have more then 2-3 castles as if you have hard battle with one, just swap. did probably like 35 as hk, 10 as classic knight, 1 barbarian, 3 as fire dwarf and the rest as dark elf. none of the fights were hard but maybe its just because i was using 3 enchanted weapons+6 pc beastbane set. so many multiplicative damage boosts just made me 1 shot most enemies and barely was interesting.

dark elf

fire dwarf


classic knight
Hunter shield .....
Stupidest thing ever
Yeah the 15% reduction is totally going to help my treeants survive that stab from 20000 rebels .
Forest boots 15% damage absorb, Helmet 10%, Armor 10%, Shield 15% damage absorb
So total 50% damage absorb
Still not helpful in hunts lol
Can be good for FFA events if some Richi Rich decides to enchant them and use them for those FFA battles
Can use in AG hunts. But that's it.
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