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Best weapons for TG

AuthorBest weapons for TG
im trying to level up my TG whats the best recruit talents and weapons to wear at my lv since im a litle noob with thoose many changes
TG auto-balances caravan difficulty, so it shouldn't matter so long as you are consistent (use the same arts and talents each time). You should expect to win 65-75% of the time. This holds for all factions.

With min arts, TG is profitable. With heavier arts, you'll get more LG followers, if that's a thing you care about, and you'll be more likely to win when you ambush a real player, but you'll be losing gold.
Ok thanks but any tips from higher lv players on how to build and set up ?
I'm the same level as you and also elf.

I run a more expensive min ap with sword of might and medal of bravery. I understand that caravans auto balance, but the extra initiative helps in securing wins against human players and elf or dark elf caravans.

I use basic offense, battle fury, advanced fortune, and basic erudition. Basic erudition gives us three attack at our level, which is more damage on average than extra moral or luck.

I tried running EFK + sprites for a while but have had better success with 92 EFK, 50 GMP, 9 anchorites, 18 unicorns, 10 trees. Split GMB into three stacks & place them in the corners.

Also, people seem to like charmer elf for thieving but I have had very little success with them. We get 50% more EFK than brethren + EFK have wardance. I don't see how charmer elf makes up for that at our level.
I'm a Necro and it was HORRIBLE for thieving. I had to switch to DE or Dwarf to make it even possible for me to win.

I would agree that the elf setup listed above is also a good one to try and based on your FSP the best option.
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