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Charmer Elf Balance

AuthorCharmer Elf Balance
At my level, classic elf has 7 more tree folk, ~30 more keepers, 1 more uni, and 3 more bowman than charmer elf. I get that sharpshooters are better than GMB most of the time, brethren have a little bit better stats than EFK, and charmer has magic, but the difference in number seems huge. 7 tree folk? These numbers even include rally + brethren commander for charmer but not for classic.

To me it seems like classic elf is just plain stronger than charmer in all situations at cl 12 and 13 (going from 12-> 13 even gave classic elf extra troops but not charmer).

My question to higher level elves: Is charmer elf just worse at my CL or am I missing something? Any charmer elf advice would be much appreciated. Most of my playtime comes from the days when only classic elf existed.
charmer is stronger in most cases. 70 brethren do same damage as 110 efk and have more speed hp and defense so harder to die. sharps compete with orc cheifs where gmb get wrecked everytime and classic cannot stand vs barbarians. charmer has spellcasting which means they are a threat even if they only have trees remaining where you can just ignore classic elf trees until you are ready to deal with them. classic loses to charmer almost every time pre16. 16+ classic elf has 4 dragons/jades and charmer only has 2 dragons thats when classic is on even terms or better off in most cases vs charmer. classic elf loses a LOT of power when they face another elf as they have no racial ability. that being said i generally prefer classic over charmer at 17 due to jade dragons.
all that being said if you play charmer as a turn 1 suicide run your units into your enemies armies and then think they are weak then you probably should not play charmer elf.
Yes, I agree sharps are better the GMB and brethren compete on damage with EFK. Though that brethren stack has 40% less HP than the EFK stack. Maybe the defense makes up for it.

I agree that charmer is better in PvP. Though I'm not sure I'd play either in PvP over another faction, based on winrates on hwm daily (i.e. 48% for charmer, 55% for demon). I guess it makes sense to balance around PvP, even if that makes the faction weak in most other formats.

I suppose part of this is me learning how to make the most out of their survivability to leverage their chaos spells, while dealing enough damage to build up spell power. I'll look for some tournament battles to see this strategy.

Thank you for your input! I hope my initial post didn't come across as complaining. I'm just trying to learn!

I'm running brethren commander + battle fury. Is that the build you'd recommend at CL13?
oh if you meant to compare classic elf and charmer in pve there is literally bo comparison. Classic elf has nature magic for phantoms so charmer will never ever come close to comparing with classic in pve such as max hunts.

as for pvp on 13 i would recomend going striving speed+defense talents if you have DU pristine unis. if you dont have DU then dont bother with pvp. charmer elf with defense talents are quite tanky and hard to deal with in most situations. 14 additional defense on brethren is no joke as that puts their defense value on par with t6 units in most cases, which is really insane for a t2 unit which also does a lot of damage with battle fury. Brethren comander is almost never worth it imo. you either go innate swiftnes to first strike or you play striving speed build to buff and outmanuever with 20-26 innitiative units
Yeah I was also talking about watchers, events, etc.

Awesome thanks for the defense build. I have pristine, so I'll try that out next time.
Charmer elf in watchers guild is a good faction if you are strong enough to oneshot in 1 turn with forest brethen and dyrads.

Almost always easy win, take a few less shooters. Max forest + max dyrads and decide the win in turn 5
Wish Charmer Elf was equal to Regular Elf - especially in Hunts and Facility Defense Battles.

Forest Brethren may have better stat but Elite Forest Keepers get to hit two adjacent enemies, while Forest Brethren only hit one.

Likewise, Sharpshooters have No Range Penalty, but they only get one shot.
GMB's get two shots.

The difference in the amount of Trees between the two makes the decision for me.

I love to play with Trees, the more the merrier.
Charmer Elf doesn't even come close in the Tree category.

And Nature Magic, with the Phantom spell, way out performs the Charmer Hero's Enchanted Arrow ability. Not even close!

Hope they improve Charmer Elf's abilities and Troop Count.
I'd play Charmer Elf much more often if they did.
charmer elf is almost exclusively pvp faction. wasnt ever meant to compete with classic in pve.
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