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Is there an ELO in CG?

AuthorIs there an ELO in CG?
I have a theory.
Most of the time i am paired with bad teammates with no unique artifacts and low iq players, itís probably because i have high cg guild score which is 500 at lvl 11 ( most of lvl 11 has about 300~), so iíam mostly paired with the lower ones, with lower score than 100 and my enemies usually have like 300 score both, who are both decent players, and most of the fights its like 1vs2, is the combat pairing mechanics really random, cause it doesnít seem like it, to me.
"cg guild score" yeah no that has nothing to do with anything.
They might take into account the win-rates of players, but it's all just guesses.
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No ELO, matching is random* (not quite, dependent on who you've played)

This conspiracy is in your head

As you level up the noobs/no arts will reduce somewhat
One thing someone pointed out to me not too long ago. It's "Elo" not "ELO". It's named after someone, it doesn't stand for anything.
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