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IWhich location?

AuthorIWhich location?
I want to play Ranger's guild and Thieve's guild, which location we play?
Please help me...
Firstly you should ignore rangers guild, it's like thieves guild but worse

To play thief fights you first need to be admitted to the guild by way of invitation. This can be purchased with diamonds from https://www.lordswm.com/thief_guild.php

or from the market for circa 500k https://www.lordswm.com/auction.php?cat=other&sort=4&art_type=thief_paper

The price is expensive but you receive a TGI once you level up your guild which you can sell so the net cost is zero.

Once admitted to the guild you click on a location adjacent to your current one on the map and it gives an option to set an ambush. You wait a few minutes and the fight starts. (note you need artifacts equipped and you should set your ambush on a high traffic route)
I would add that at your combat level (17), the average Thieves' guild level is 8, so you can use Thieves' guild boost potion for the whole 8 levels.

The potion makes playing TG really easy, as it shortens the waiting times to a couple of seconds and removes the necessity to wait an hour after a loss for being able to set up another ambush. Also, it halves the recovery time (to ready your troops) so you can basically just spam TG battles every couple of minutes. For people like me who do not especially enjoy playing TG, this is an excellent way how to keep your TG at the average level without investing too much effort.
Thank you so much...
i would suggest doing tg in one of your non main factions to build fsp up. every level in another faction reduces damage recieved by that faction by 3% so if you look at my character you will see i have fsp 8-12 in everything so i reduce 24-36% of damage from every faction in pvp. since you play ch a lot this should be an important thing for you to get asap. You can also play certain events that dont require your own troops in a faction and you can gain free fsp in factions you dont have castles for. Also spam tg on day of recruiting so you can use other factions to build up anti.
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