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How can i make an ambush in thiefs guild?

AuthorHow can i make an ambush in thiefs guild?
It seams to be different to the flash version. I got thief level 1 already.
you go to map, select an area adjacent to your current one and it should give you an option to make a theif ambush. If you dont have theif potion active then if you lose you have to wait for an hour to go again
I have tried that, but i do not get an option for an ambush. Where should it show up?
Is it possible that my thief invitation has expired? Since i didn`t make an ambush for at least 7 years. If not please could anyone of the staff prove it? I do not get an option for an ambush by clicking on any area on the map.
It looks like you may have activated Rangers Guild. You don't want to do that. You cannot have both Rangers and Thieves Guild available simultaneously, it's one or the other. I think you can switch back at the TG office.
for wobelwob: Also, if you are playing on cellphone or tablet, you need to tap the map area TWICE. The first tap will only highlight the area (now you can travel there by pressing the horse button), but only the second tap will actually select the area, showing its facilities and showing the "set ambush" option.
Yeah you need to go over to lizard lowland and visit the thieves guild, pay the 1k per level betrayer fee to switch
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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