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Risky Adventure


AuthorRisky Adventure
Here we go
Yep. Done 20/20
Low exp and 2 guild points. +1
Easy event. No hero to train. With proper army, can just auto the battles for first 2-3 days
Gnoll team are absolute to buy
Is there a link to see prices of different troops?
Did they change the name of the t2 unit? The "vagabonds" used to be swashbuckler I think?
And i always read it washbucket
What is a proper army? I've been failing lvl6 4 times now
Did they change the name of the t2 unit? The "vagabonds" used to be swashbuckler I think?

Correct! The name is more OK now with the creature itself.
What are u running?
I maxed trashers, hunni, y.tengu, and the rest outriders.
Piece of cake till lv8for DarknessWizard:
for DarknessWizard:
I've been using Gnolls, all types, maxed
for virtual_vitrea:

Any chance anyone has that website to keep track of the prices?

Use this and go to your hire troops page. You would be able to see the price history
for DarknessWizard:
Yeah, kchong always tell or maybe yell at me to always buy all gnoll because they can do pack attack. And other than that outrider
for Eddreine_RinLi:
When he used to be here, I don't think bolas were nerfed. Now pack attack doesn't works with bola throwers shot. So be careful :)
i dont understand what oasis guards passive ability eater of light and dark are exactly i really cant understand
what stealers? who is the stealer
Yeah now pack attack only effects the gnolls when the shamans are attacking, which shouldn't be very often xD

For oasis you get hp back for casts on the creature. So if you take gnoll shamans rapid etc. Gives a small heal
thank you a lot my friend
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