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shared inventory between your castles

Authorshared inventory between your castles
since the game is pushing players to grow all of the factions simultaneously to get defensive bonuses
having to build buildings like : Underground depot , Cache and Treasury on every race is kinda pointless since we can swap to the castle with maximum inventory slots and then buy what we want then swap it back to the castle with no inventory buildings
so why not making those buildings universal to all the races and save us some extra clicks and time?
Agree 👍
Also smith please.
while I 100% need this to happen, I think the admins would prefer us to spend our gold to get the inventory, blacksmith, marketplace etc. on all factions :D
+, but as merlin said. It will not happen
Seeing that I have an inventory capacity of 127 without ABC, I think they've already considered merging all of the storage buildings into each faction's castle prior to this change.
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