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[News] Tournament and minibalance

Author[News] Tournament and minibalance
Balancing is done.

Funny enough, did not expect it
Fire dwarf - +1 bear

Classic dwarf - +8 spear, +1 pat, +1 bear @ CL15
on 17:
bw slight buffs
classic wiz no change
classic knight nerf
red knight buffs
both elves buffs
classic barb no change
fury nerf
shadow barb buff
necro buff BIG XD
UN huge buffs, 1 t7 and 1 t6
dark elf, nerf
tde no change
demon nerf XD
dd no change bigger XD
classic dwarf and fd no change
pharoah. huge nerfs
tribal no change
Classic elf increase
Charmer little increase
Niice finally PvP :) and no potion needed .

I hope they nerfed classic knight my level so OP on duels.

for grif: just do this to them lol
finally pharoah nerf. Happy
cg just be rock paper scissors
why would they nerf knight...
On 19 - Necro lost 5 Apparitions compared to yesterday. Ugh.
Thanks slayer work vs knights but not so great vs dwarf :/

but DD works even better :)

for slayerofall:
Not sure it was good play to rush there :D
for slayerofall:

Max count on UN is 1 higher for t6 and t7, but to recruit them you have to sacrifice 14 ghosts
Victories count per faction: 15 (You have 15 victories out of 16 battles for Elf)

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