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Android App

AuthorAndroid App
This is amazing! Has everyone managed to get it to work? Works fine for me so far
ITS the last app i try when i ask on forum everyone say it scam. So that time was Beta version?
Gotta say I was very sceptical, but I've been using it all day and I can't find a single fault! :)
Gotta give the admins credit :)
I don't ever play on phone but this is truly great progress even if long overdue. I saw the trailer video on playstore just now and the choice of music surprised me. It is a great one. Also, around 1:05 in the video, the group battle with 4 demons gating on the battlefield blew my mind.

I am skeptical that the playstore app will bring any new players to this game, but it's good that we at least can hope for it.
The swi
The switching characters button doesnt seem to work, i keep mashing on the character name but nothing happens, just gives me a excuse i cant login without a password that i have nowhere to type in.
Good initiative!

Maybe in future, do make chat mobile friendly.
Omg, this is so good, works well))))
Well done , really well done !
Impressive! For now it is slightly slower than the phone browser version, but I suppose that this will be improved. Otherwise smoith, never thought this would actually happen!
From .ru (Google translated)

Dear players,
we continue to develop an application for our game with you. Now the game is available for download on Android from the Google Play Store in the public domain.
You can download it on Android from here

So far there are no special advantages over playing through the browser, but we continue to work on the application, in the near future:
- Release of an application for IOS (IPhone, IPad);
- Connecting notifications about events in the game (Guilds, Events, Messages, etc.);
- Detailed information about Heroes in battles without opening tabs;

Current features of the application:
- Ability to play in full screen mode;
- Ability to activate the mirror server (my.lordswm.com) through the settings menu;
- Connecting multiple accounts (call to change accounts through the menu in the upper right corner);
And most importantly, now our game can be called the "Heroes of War and Money" game, and not a browser :)

At the moment, the main task of the application is to attract new users, so, among other things, a lot of work is being done to simplify the game for beginners.
Please report any bugs and your suggestions to improve the application.
5 years late
Not attractive for new players.
It's just the browser game ported to app version so it's not enough mobile-friendly imho.
new players will give it a big middle finger
after they see they have to 15 min to restore healh it is not from this time
Good news, I Hope for the best!
for Issy404:
At least you never waiting all day to do quest because energy used at every step like fallen sword
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