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Echoes of Inferno tips,info

AuthorEchoes of Inferno tips,info
Depending on my army and your skills what do you suggest me to do?
Don't take this the wrong way but these LeG events are really hard and require a lot of good troops - if I were you I would pass on this one and wait for when you have a strong set of LeG troops. To do so you must increase LeG level because that increases the quality of the troops you get everytime you completed five battles.

Watch replays, if you dont have required set of troops, try to come up with best possible from those you already have.
As has been already pointed, with your limited LeG army, the event will probably be challenging for you. Still, I think you can at least try and stop at a point where you see no chance for advancing further.

I recommend:

1) Buy the potion which allows you to recruit more troops.

2) Only use rare and uncommon creatures, because these can be resurrected for gold. Save all common creatures to exchange them later for higher quality troops.
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