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Economic penalty for script usage

AuthorEconomic penalty for script usage
Hi girls and pals,

I'm coming back to this game ~1 year after being caught red-handed for script usage. It was not so sophisticated, it was just downloading captchas images from the mines/factories. Then I had them sent to my Telegram waiting for my translation back and getting stored in my dataset. I knew I was violating the rules, I just had some fun getting the scripts working and introducing myself into machine learning trying to code a fully standalone workaholic script. I even found a dev job since that time (thanks Lordswm) =)

Anyway I'm not here to talk about that or complain, i was just bringing some context. I started playing the game in 2009, I grew up with it and I keep coming back to it periodically. And I still want to play it. Especially now since I just found out about the android app.

My question concerns my economic penalty. Is there a way to keep playing the game with this account considering that "debt" ? Since I can't buy anything and I obviously don't have enough financial assets to overcome the 1.5 million gold penalty. Are accounts like mine intended to be completely abandoned ?

Unless I hire enough times to get to reach 0 gold, counting the workaholic's penalty for no fightings, I currently see no other way... I'll have the eternity to repent ahah

I haven't found anything on the forum yet. Thanks for your attention so far.
You can buy diamonds and convert them to gold at a rate of 5k per diamond.

I don't think it's worth it - I would recommend making a new account. It's up to you though.
Yeah admins favour big fines such as this because you either pay a huge amount of real money to clear the debt, or you stop playing the account which is the only option with a traditional block
I see. I donated just a few back in the days but I'll never feel like spending that much, unless I am Elon Musk.

It requires too much courage to start everything all over again.
There is no other way then to donate to get this large amount depleeted. Either donate or start over (without braking any rules might I add).
Well, was in your shoes.
But you'll realize that a machine learning hobby can be converted into a very lucrative career, and diamonds to get back to +ve are just small change.
I have to say I really appreciate the honesty with which you described your situation.

300 Diamonds is not really that many, in the long run. If the idea of starting a fresh account feels too bad, I'd just wait for the next special offer and buy them. You will usually get 10% discount on diamonds and a couple of donation artifacts, which can be sold for ~100k gold each. This will make the necessary number of diamonds you have to actually pay for much lower, maybe as low as ~220.

If you work and have at least a mediocre wage, the amount of work you'll have to do to get those money is substantially lower than the amount of work you'd have to do to bring a fresh account back to character level 13 with all the guilds etc.

Good luck and see you around.
You can likely save up to 150-200k per month if you enroll 10 times a day. It makes up to 7-10 months of savings to get even. That is not so bad depending on your commitment but most players would not be that commited.

So if you are not willing to do so much of enrolling without much fighting then start new.
Enrolling 10 times + 1 hunt will make me ~5k gold

Then I need around 300 days like that. Which means 300 min AP (right handed weapon).

Then yeah 300 diamonds is currently 176.58 euros (I live in France). Which is not so expensive of course. It's just that I never was the type to spend money on online games.

I can probably go workaholic sometimes to optimize a little bit + I have artifacts, sets, etc... I can reduce the 300 diamonds to half or tier which will make the investment least "weird" and more justified for me to do in the end.

Anyway thanks for your insights everyone. Some people even pm'ed me and proposed help. I appreciate a lot :)
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