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Can u give me some tips about how hard is to win vs dangerous bandid on auto and how can i abuse this army due to my lack of skill
dangerous bandits is quite hard. they increased the difficulty a while back and i dont think it is worth it as it is very rarely profitable anymore. usually you lose a few times before you win and lose a bunch of gold. i just auto 1.5 legs and call it good enough.
ok thx for your tip mate
I would not avoid dangerous bandits completey. On Daily, there are usually many examples of other people's strategies. Some of them are heavily dependent on luck/RNG, but quite often you can also find a solid strategy which will work on first try with ~50% remaining army. This means roughly 2000 gold net profit, plus 1/10 of a secret scroll, which is quite nice reward.
Yeah but with the army choices i have i dont know a good combo to win
Yes, then maybe wait until you have more units to choose from :)
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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