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Can't Recover Hacked Account

AuthorCan't Recover Hacked Account

I played many years ago and wanted to get back into the game. I managed to log into this account which was my Lordswm account but when trying to log into my old Heroeswm account, Arthusii, I was not able to do so. I tried recovering the password only to realise that the email I have registered is one I stopped using years ago as a teenager and no longer have access to.

I was sure I knew the password to my account though and after many attempts, I checked the character logs and realised that it was hacked as there is a big transfer of all my currency and then the password was changed by Lexa, I assume to secure the account.

Is there a way to get my account back if I don't have access to the email it was registered with or is it a lost cause? My character: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=2011332

It looks like the Personal Info was wiped as well as I definitely had text there explaining who my mains/alts were.
As you can see in the log, in 2018 you had the same issue. The password was changed by Lexa back then. Do check the mail that was sent then. You should be able to request a new pass.
Yeah it's back in 2018 that I was referring to. I haven't played since long before that happened in 2018. I don't have access to the email that is linked to the account though as I stopprd using it long ago so can't use the normal password recovery. :(

Not sure if it is possible to do anything about it and the account isn't worth much as it was cleaned out by the hacker but it has sentimental value so thought I'd ask.
there's a email d**k_r**[email protected]

if you do not have access to it, you cannot recover your password.
in any case, the current character is already a higher level - play it.
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