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Should wardens get buff on intiative?
like i never get to use them on battles
Holy knight everything he has are the wardens and they die instatly
is there any tip i can use with holy knight for battles?
Hi Nikos. I have played HK a lot in the past and I do not think wardens necessarily have to die instantly. You just have to adapt your stats, talents and equipment to the fact that wardens have very low initiative and usually shoot last.

Always take cloak + shield. Put some points in defense. When playing holy build, you can cast mass evasion as the first or second (depending on enemy shooters ATB position) spell. Don't forget to use artifacts which raise your hero's initiative.

With might builds, consider using vitality and/or avoidance.

My impression is that the biggest problem of holy knight in not wardens' low survivability, but rather their vulnerability to curse and confusion spells. In some cases, it is possible to use the exorcists' dispersion to clean the debuffs, after the enemy hero/units have depleted their mana and re-cast your holy spells.
for krovak:
well i try to use evasion but against elf with grandmasters they kill me before i get to use spells
for ___Nikos__:

I am assuming you are experiencing this issue in group battles. You can try building up your faction skill level (FSL) in other factions. Doing so will yield 3% resistance to damage from that faction per FSL
for ___Nikos__: What is you stat point distribution? With holy builds, people usually take something like 30-50-5-5. You basically want to have high defense, which buys you time to stay alive while you buff your army properly.
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