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Blind removal didn't work

AuthorBlind removal didn't work
Blinding brilliance:
Triggering special ability.
When this creature attacks an enemy, there is a chance of blinding it. Blinded creatures cannot attack or move, but will regain their sight after taking damage. This ability will not blind 'Undead', 'Elemental' and 'Mechanical' creatures. The effect duration is 1.6 combat turns.

In my combat, my teammate damage cavalry with earth spikes but it didn't regain vision as said in special ability description. Why?

friendly spells dont remove blind. only enemy casts
panacea+100% dispersion+dragon breath(friendly/foe) are good ways to wake up allies that are blinded
Oh I see.100% dispersion? Even dispersion with 0 sp will work?
idk the specifics on dispersion but 1 lorekeeper will remove blind. they have 100% dispersion. battlemagi+exorcists only have 80% so they will just reduce the duration and they cant remove hypnosis either where lorekeepers can.

i have had fights where lower level wizards with no holy would disperse hypnosis or blind off my units and due to 28-35 sp it would work.
Thanks for clarification mate
In addition to what Slayer said, tribals can remove blind from their units and ally units by using the ritual that's used to push turns on turn bar.
Also a good way to remove blind is by using through shot of magi or lore keepers
Barbamaster: even damage from friendly lorekeepers?

Spell description definitely needs to be updated.
Through shot of lorekeepers will work, but fireball from them won't work.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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