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profit for guild controlling location

Authorprofit for guild controlling location
How much gold % does guild get for every item sold.
How much gold % does guild get for every enroll.
Wwhere could i get this info?

If you mean military clan:

Each map location is divided into 4 districts, each district - into 4 subdistricts.
Military clans gain 3% of all wages paid in facilities on any map subdistrict they control. If the MC controls an entire district (North, West, South, East subdistricts all at once), then the gain is 5%. If the MC controls an entire location (4 districts, or 16 subdistricts), then the gain is 7%.

They don't get any gold for items sold.
Yep, I remember someone telling me about these numbers few years back.

Thanks for the info Dariel!
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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