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[Event] Portal of Time


Author[Event] Portal of Time
Features of the time portal:
1) A journey into the past can be made by all Heroes from the 5th combat level in artifacts from the store. Modifiers don't work;
2) The selected skills, abilities and abilities of the factions do not work, and you can not take your army and use the learned spells in battle;
3) Only those creatures that have been found in the enterprises of the Empire, and their improvements, can be recruited into battles. Time crystals are needed for the set. The minimum required for passage through the portal 250 crystals will be issued to all comers;
4) Creatures in the army can be combined in any way, while they can belong to the same faction or to several different ones;
5) When recruiting creatures from different factions, the morale of the squads decreases, but the construction of the "Unity Hall" avoids this penalty;
6) To unlock magic spells, you need to make the appropriate improvement to the portal. At the same time, all the spells of all schools are opened at the maximum level.

Creature Search Features:
1) Creature Search is now available!
2) Creatures hide in all the enterprises of the Empire. The arrangement of creatures for Heroes of different combat levels is different;
3) Exactly at midnight of each day, the arrangement of creatures changes;
4) The search for creatures is available in the enterprises of the Empire and takes some time, after which they can be attacked;
5) The battle will take place in a special format against the found creatures and their leader;
6) With each new search, the search time will increase. If you win, the search time will be reset to its original value;
7) Defeated creatures will instantly be available for recruitment in the time portal;
8) For the victory over the creatures will be issued +0.25 points of the Guild of Hunters and the magic stone of this creature;
9) By collecting a certain number of magic stones of a certain creature, it will be possible to improve this creature from two to four times;
10) The last improvement will open access to a special creature that cannot be found in the vastness of the Empire;
11) The number of victories over creatures is limited and cannot exceed 20+[number of victories in the portal] * 7.

Combat briefing and objectives of the expedition:
1) Battles with the defenders of the past will be held in a 1 vs 1 format;
2) Victories over the enemy can bring GO points, creature artifacts, elements of the mercenary guild, artifacts with reduced strength, as well as a certain number of time crystals;
3) The number of crystals received depends on the level of difficulty of the battle. Initially, five levels of difficulty are available: from 1 to 5 - you can start with any. When passing the 5th level, the hero will have access to 10 levels of difficulty - from 1 to 10. When passing the 10th level, the hero will have access to levels from 5 to 15, etc .;
4) During the entire campaign, you can win only 3 victories on one level;
5) The favorable location of the stars in the sky will last only 8 days until June 8 inclusive (+3 days at the end of the fighting, until June 11 inclusive);
6) Abu Bakr guarantees the return of all Heroes from the past, but imposes a limit on 12 victories per day, but not more than 18 battles. Attempts accumulate (maximum number of wins - 96, maximum number of attempts - 144);
7) The Empire will generously reward with gold and mark with a trophy artifact the Heroes who have collected the largest number of crystals.

Magma ARMOR is here :)
Can we see somewhere what creatures are already discovered?
The ru forums.
for Dire Khaoz:
Thanks. We should have something like this on our forum as well
May I get an essence of the beaver? :-D

i have a problem.
i started from collecting of creatures. Fought max battles and didnt fight any battle in main PoT. And didnt collect any 1 level creature.. Now, 250 crystals is enough only to unlock 1st level creature but i didnt have any creature of that level... what should i do?
for Ricard_Berankis:
We all start with 250 crystals
Type: Manufactory of thorns
Location: Green Wood-W4 #5169
Owner: Empire

i know that :)
The problem is that i cant do anything now: i dont have 1st level creatures, i fought max battles against creatures. and crystals is enough to unlock only 1st level.
there is any solution?
Type: Ring of hope
Location: Green Wood-E3 #5063
Owner: Empire
for Ricard_Berankis:
Go to upgrades u might have something to upgrade or i didnt understand your question
i cant recruit any troops because:
1. with 250 crystals you can recruit only 1st level troops
2. i DIDNT COLLECT ANY 1st level troops
3. The number of wins over facility creatures is limited and can not exceed 20+[number of wins in portal] * 7. I have 0 wins in portal, so max wins for creatures for me and for now is 20.
4. Because i used all 20 wins, i cant search for 1st level troops, i cant recruit any troops for fight in portal.
Maybe its clear now...
You can recruit any troops.. there is no restriction that only 1st level troops are needed. Check recruiting page again properly.
change my browser and everything is fine now. recruit button is active now :)))
sorry for offtopic
do we get gold at the end of event?>
7) The Empire will generously reward with gold and mark with a trophy artifact the Heroes who have collected the largest number of crystals.
Won lv10 with 250 crystals and -ve morale (forget Hall of Unity)

But 250 almost impossible, because enemy hero raise his troops.

lv10 250 crystal

lv15 (250 crystal)

to those want try hit top rank, u can skip level 1,2,3,4 and 6,7,8,9.
But 250 almost impossible
i mean level 15 :)
I spent about 10 hours searching every single facility, definitely not gonna do it again tomorrow...
for Galthran:
You can check at .ru forums mate.. they have active set of people, so all troops are posted on the forum. No need to search manually and waste time :)
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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