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[Event] Portal of Time


Author[Event] Portal of Time
But I don't know which Facility is "Centaurs". And the URL they provide only takes me back to the login page - again and again!

And what's this about changing the number from 360 to 134?
Where did you get 134 from 360? if you can't tell which facilities is Centuars?

I'm completely confused!
Instead of explaining you Lady Zephyranna, i have a better solution for you. In the link from forum, replace heroeswm.ru to lordswm.com.

Hope it helps :)
for Lady Zephyranna:
You dont need to click on url, just see the facility number from link.
Open any facility here on .com, and edit the link and change facility number. You'll get to that facility.

You have to be little careful about creature names, cos they dont directly translate to ours.
For eg Treefolk = Ents
Rogues = Beasts
Cavalry = Knight
Centaurs = Kents and so on.. some creatures have different names.
Where did you get 134 from 360? if you can't tell which facilities is Centuars?

You can tell by the URL of the facility. Don't click on the links in .ru forum as it will redirect you to the homepage if you are not logged in on .ru

Alternatively you can right click > copy link address > paste url into browser and change heroeswm.ru into lordswm.com and keep the object ID the same, which is a bit more troublesome than slayerofall's method
Also im assuming that you already know this, Google chrome auto translates page. So you just have to open .ru forum in new tab ( don't need to login there ), stay on .com and on new tab let chrome translate page, and then you proceed like above mentioned.
Or if you need to be even more fast, just login and play from .ru.. keep auto translation on - by this way you can directly click on links, rather than edit if played from .com
Not very helpful, especially if you're on .com and not .ru.

Gotta keep logging back in, every time you go to the Forum or another thread;
and then it takes you back out to the Sign-In page, a vicious circle.

Then to add insult to injury, you only get the place on the map, not the Mine of Factory. Clicking the thread provided doesn't get you to the correct location either.

"heroeswm.ru/forum_messages.php?tid=2892435 wasn't very helpful to an English only player.

you can access the forum without logging in. I have the chrome translate auto translating all the russian on the page. all i need to do is scroll through and find the creature i want, then i take the facility ID # and type it in on lordswm at any facility and it takes me to the facility they mention
https://www.heroeswm.ru/forum_messages.php?tid=2892435https://www.heroeswm.ru/forum_messages.php?t id=2892435

If useful, why i found total different creatures in the same facility?

In russian forum:
"Sabin 57 2022-06-04 09:55:36

Area: Bear Mountain
https://www.heroeswm.ru/object-info.php?id=147 - Skeletons!"

I found this place twillight dragons today :)
for BlueDeath:

that is the forum for level 17, you are level 15. Different levels get different creatures :)
for techy:
Ah, thx for the information :)
The data there is already really good :D
Just to add some clarity as I didn't know how to use the Russian google sheets thing, and I assume others had the same issue.

1) there is no master sheet for all levels, each level has its own creature distribution per facility
2) the location of the creatures reset at the end of each day

you can use this link to get the threads for your own level:

some threads are for each level and each day so use the most updated one, others have one thread with a google sheet and a different tab for each day

Happy Portaling :D
Great Cyclops are so costly. 1 for 52 starting price.

Looks like you get less of the monster versions with a higher price attached to it. The admins are taking everyone for a ride.
The Great skeletal dragons has strike and return but just 1 with a starting cost of 58. For the same cost to just get 4 of them you can take 52 Great dwarven ursary. The admins sure love to squeeze its player base. When next time they remove the trees petrified blood even level 50 will become unreachable. Unless ofcourse you are a low level player.
for Lawton:
Only yolo shooters have ability to do that outside trees.

This was the build of last #1 ranker.. works only for cl20+ sadly
Rest everyone has to use tree if aiming for top100

Anyone can give me a link for level 19? I have no idea where to change it :/
How is the event? Easy?

Can anybody show me ancient behemoth and t7 cyclops update :O Thanks.
for virtual_vitrea:

Behemoth has double strike. :)
How is the event? Easy?

easy if you just go mega trees and senior genies... easy top 100
just buff and press defend. clears up to 60ish no problem towards the 80s-90 win range
In my stacks I play with 4 monster versions while taking the easy route meaning I play every level 3 times from the start and it is not easy. After level 20 it starts to get hard. It has never been like this.
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