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Thieves guild (elplain)

AuthorThieves guild (elplain)
What is thieving in game?
How to do it?
How to increase Thieves Guild points?
it costs 500000 gold to buy from market and invitation or 80 diamonds straight from the theives guild in capital. you can set up ambushes and fight enemy caravans to gain tg points. every level in theif guild gives theif art and 1% innitiative bonus. and at tg 5 you get an invitation that you can sell..so it pays for itself and then some in the long run
Wow can't afford that
Is is worth investing in! Either save up for 480 000 gold or donate 80 diamonds during an donation event! Long term it is a good investment.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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