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Queuing in Blacksmith

AuthorQueuing in Blacksmith
I am not sure if this idea is already suggested or not. In blacksmith, it would be better if we can add atleast 2 arts in queue. Once the smith added art in queue, then time to complete the repair should be shown to the customer. So the customer will know when the art will be ready.

Also another suggestion - we can limit arts to be added in queue like 5-7 points(1 point = 1 hour repair time)

Main reason is low repair cost arts... It's very difficult to check every one hour, to add arts in queue.
Yes it is very time consuming to check when/if item is ready. It is all part of the journey.

Overall im definitely in favour of both suggestions. Lets hope smith/enchant will get a little rework done in future!

suggested several times before

suggested several times before
this could double smiths capabilities
I don't think there will implement this anytime in near future
or it would be avaiabel on smiths guilde 10? :)
for AzagToth:
would be nice but admins might prefer to add it to ABC features.
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