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Selling arts via commission

AuthorSelling arts via commission
I have too many arts and it is clogging up my inventory. This was not a problem before as I played regularly and used Abu Bakr's charm.

I would like to be able to come back periodically if I feel inclined and buy and repair arts without this limitation.

Equally however I do not want the hassle of researching the market for prices on arts and waiting ages for them not to sell etc.

I therefore would like to give my arts (to someone I trust, or entrust to a Miltary Clan) for a nominal price. When that item is sold they would send the gold that it was sold for minus a percentage commission to me.

The practicalities of this are down to trust, as to begin with effectively I would give the item away for virtually nothing. This may be problematic as may risk over gifting etc some arts are potentially fairly valuable). Equally I would only do this with someone with whom I knew was trustworthy.

Alternatively I guess I could sell them for a low price in the same way, that is clearly under market, and then be reimbursed the rest.

Is the former permissible?
You could probably throw it under a "service" tbh, as long as it's clear and agreed (and trusted). One less transparent way, but probably not illegal is to gift the arts to someone and then they gift you some money in return after selling.

Also depends on the arts and how you deem "fair price", easy for shop arts, less so for event arts that aren't sold as much anymore (sure can put it for 100k on the market, but who will buy it?)

Another easy option is to just put things on 3 day bidding each time you log on (or however long tbh).

Selling arts that are useful to a clan is probably the quickest way to get rid of them, but doubt many people want the hassle of a commission process.
Do not really know if it is allowed cause it is really hard to track if you for instance have been doing this for months. There is no way to the track which art is who's and a slippery (or abusing this) is easily done using this method.

To be sure,I would not. Rather use what Meshy said, the auction way. Or store artifacts elsewhere.
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