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Who do people look for a hunting partner even for small hunts?

AuthorWho do people look for a hunting partner even for small hunts?
The ratio of fsp/exp is the same no matter you kill more or kill less. Or am I missing something here?
Useful if you're just trying to avoid enrollment penalties while raising gold for major purchases like castles or TGI (smaller hunt difficulty increase == longer supply of easy battles).
on day of helpful hunters you can gain 1.5 hg on person who asks for assistance and the helper gets .15 hg for no exp if they kill 1% of enemies. its a min-max strategy for stat points. similar things allows certain people to be stat monsters on levels. Like venom and momentomori on 18 with 52 and 50 stats respectively.there are only like 10 people within 6 stats of them so they just crush opponents in cg duels/2vs2
I see. So the amount of kill in a hunt actually decides how many creatures you will face in the next hunt. And it does help a bit with the fsp/exp ratio on special days. I'm not interested in CG. So don't see much reason for me to change my hunting style then. :-D
it also helps in events when admins balance for a level around a certain stat point., lets say 42 stats on 18, so if venom faces enemys that were meant for 42 stat players with 52 total stats he has an overwhelming advantage and can "easily" beat levels that others struggle with.
How do you know the average stat points for your level? I still remember my initiative was below average and suffered a lot in a pirate event since the pirate shooters can take out my shooters before they got their turns. I suspect my stats are below average too.
You can use the daily site as reference:

Thanks. These are nice links. My stats is a miserable 40, just above the avg. of all CL 19 players. No wonder I always struggle in the later part of most events.
Venom has not got 8 extra stats on CL 18 because of his hunt level. He's a CG beast like a few other. That one level extra he might have in hunt is minor compared to all the extra CG stats.
yes but i know other level 18 players with hg 12 already, level 19s with mg 12 hg 12
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