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Why penalty and take all my gold…I win it from roulette…with my first account and send it here cause I wanna play only with ONE ONE account….CAUSE I WANNA PLAY WITH YOUR RULES IDIOTS….GIVE MY GOLD BACK
Player banned by moderator Arcanide until 2022-08-14 02:44:05 // Watch your language + no caps -> warning.
This is by design. If you could just transfer gold between accounts, then there would be no point to having gold exist in the first place - people would just keep on making new accounts and transferring gold earned from roulette.
Yeah where is the bad and why take all my gold….I will pay with euro for this gold….I buy diamonds….isn’t fair
How I play me now with gold…I have 0…why I put money for take diamonds again…isn’t fail and I wanna take my gold back…or I go on cyber crime and I will close it this game
Obey the rules and you will be fine. Transfering between multi and main is forbidden. Be happy that they did not block your main account.
Yeah dude I am not rich and I didn’t have money for throw it….I wanna take my gold back and I obey the rules..I have 0 gold….ZERO 0 and isn’t fair
Then start with playing 1 account and earning gold the right way. It takes time but if you commit it is possible.

Its not anyone's fault but yours.
If u are rich help me with gold
Why u didn’t talk now….I said if u are rich help me with some gold
If I didn’t take my gold back on account I will go in cyber crime and we will see
Myyyy gold I give u 12hrs or bye bye lords of war and money
Player banned by moderator Arcanide until 2022-08-14 15:11:20 //
This went on long enough.
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