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Battles take a long, long time before it starts

AuthorBattles take a long, long time before it starts
Since a few weeks a lot of the battles stay on loading for a very long time. Like sometimes even a minute long before you can play it. It does not even matter what battle you play, hunt, leaders guild, watchers guild etc. What is going on?
Even trying to load finished battles to watch takes a long time and sometimes even freezes and needs a few reloads before it finally shows up. I have asked around and others have confirmed that it is happening to them as well. Clearly something is going on with the server, yet everyone just stays quite about it.
I wonder why the administration doesn't react or why the mods don't react towards this. I have this problem a lot too on the english site lords, why does this happen? sometimes I waited for more than ten minutes before my match came up. I wouldn't spend money on the game if this simple problem gets fixed. it has ruined even commander guild battles. dont know why everyone is quite about it either
I have the same issue, untick this from the settings inside the battle, helps a little but still a problem.

so is there gonna be a reaction from arcanide or someone else
Now even the auto battle button sometimes does not work on LG. The button is there but nothing happens when you click it. With a lot of battles keep taking ages loading before you are able to play it, with all of these performance issues going on for nearly two months is everyone just going to pretend that nothing is going on here?
for Lawton:
that happened to me too a lot last week. its a very strange phenomenon. but there is enough time to create a new staff for donations, yet not to fix a bug like this
The watchers guild battle takes a longer time to load than I even use to play it. So far people remain quite about all of these lack in performances. Let me put it this way, if you are going to keep swallowing it then a day will come that you choke on it.
for Issy404:
What are you expecting the mods to say? I don't have these problems and don't have solutions other than to try and clear cache.

You said you hws this problem, how did you solve it?
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