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Report time waster in tavern

AuthorReport time waster in tavern
Takes 20s for each move. eventually wins by timeout. i would have won as I had the cards but he takes 20 seconds per move.



Please ban and fine
Unfortunately, no one can be punished for delaying the game/tavern game (after the game is over). That is simple futility.

If a player intentionally delays the game/card, you should PM one of the keepers (guardians) and ask them to follow the game (at that time). If a keeper can see that someone is intentionally delaying a game/card, they can impose a fine.


PS: It's best to send to the bottom 8, if anyone is online. You can try in English, some respond back. If not, best also send in Russian. Please do not bother the others.
for kchong:
if you talk about tournament. its a tactic. thus allowed.
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