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What to do level 8 ?

AuthorWhat to do level 8 ?
Hi all's. I just level up to cl 8. Until now, just hunt to for exp and gold. At cl 8 hunt time is 40 min. Any suggestions how to proceed from now on ?
If you really like hunting, you can purchase a hunting license to hunt more often: https://www.lordswm.com/hunter_guild.php

You can play Mercenaries Guild combats, at max reputation you can take a quest every ~14 minutes if I remember correctly

There are 3 Watchers' Guild combats to play per day, you should play them every day

You can try Adventures' Guild as well, but be prepared to spend a ton of gold. I turbo levelled from level 8 to 12 with AG

If you like PvP, can go for CG. If you are a donator, you can start with TG. Other than these, you can play the event as well. Would recommend you to join a clan to gain access to clan depo and find partners to play event with. Also can join clan facility defences, which is 2v2 PvE and gives WG points
Thanks for the reply
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