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provocation and insults in battle

Authorprovocation and insults in battle
as the russian moderator removed my last complant because of not giving he lines of insults (others didnt do it either yet got checked), here is it again.

in the third sentence he sarcastically joked about me being a jackpot, aka being a noob. the 9th sentence says that I am the worst player, furhter continually provocating me, which he does with dark guzul on others too still, yet the russian moderators dont take action against them. in sentence 21 22 he calls mea bot and insults me saying I write as bad as I play, again insulting and provocating me with dark guzul together. sentence 27 dark guzul is also again insulting me. around line 45 guzul keeps mentioming a fine I got to further annoy me and stalks in almost every battle. line 64 again insulting me. around line 74 saying there should be a ban button, saying nobos like me shouldnt play. around line 116 guzul says he wants to be lime ,e, being sarcastic again and trying to provocate and insult me. in the rest of the battle the same happens.

player ID's:

as numerous people have compaliend about them again, I am sure action could be taken
to be like me*
3. Do not duplicate your complaints or up them by posting meaningless comments. If your topic has been locked, your request has been processed and the case is closed.
How about u mind your own business? Is your comment providing additional evidence? No? Then dont comment

1. If a complaint does not concern you directly, do not post in the topic. Third-party comments are allowed only if they provide additional evidence relevant to the complaint or replace a link to the full battle log with an easy-to-read battlechat link. Arguments, speculation and other irrelevant comments are subject to a 24 hour forum ban. To lodge a complaint, start your own topic do not add to other similar topics.
I only explain what u said immediately for the moderators.
closed by Beliar (2022-12-25 15:34:42)
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