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[Military Clan] #1209 The Imperium

Author[Military Clan] #1209 The Imperium
Result of merge between Any Key and European Foreign Legion. We have been together now for some time and i think we came trough some intial birthing trouble and now getting stronger and stronger.

We invite you to our clan or to any of our friends like Rising Phoenix or Angels&Demons. However if you are active enough to help us to acheive our goals which are top 5 (for now) in all events and position in the top 5 clans in the game then welcome!

We are an international clan where any player of any nationality will find his place. Mails are always in russian and english so there is no problem with communication. Also there is always good information on how to perform to your best in events.
Just curious but,
why is the target top 5, wasnt any key achieving top 5 before the merge too?
If the goal is same, how did the merge help?
for Bunnie:
Ok bun bun. The goal is to be on top of the board.
for Bunnie:
Any Key was also achieving rank 1 at a point and also rank 10+ due to key players going inactive. But when merge took place, most of the past management members had stopped playing and clan was being engulfed by Sun Guards.

When merge took place, Any Key was being managed completely by 2.5 people.

The target is to maintain top-5 and gradually get better. There are areas which needs more attention, like paired events and Leaders Guild events. Looking forward to everything. Top-3 will be restored at some point. But it takes time and patience.
Ahh I see, nicee :d
So u just need to get rank 1 and then ?
rank 1 will happen once only 3 players play this game -> the 2 admins and Bot
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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