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Demon's Summon


AuthorDemon's Summon
Event for demon faction and...to be honest one of my weakness
did i miss the gold reward from pirates if i did not claim yesterday (i was busy) :_(
for Apo5:

lol bro rip
I'm fairly sure the reward gets automatically collected if you don't manage to claim it.
vermins cannot gate lol
for Apo5:
I not claimed ITS auto send to you. No worry.
We can use magic here so...anyone try? First day 12/20 for me. Lose when i try the harder and above it. The middle just fine. Only win counted are better than our turn per day limited
This is kinda rough after a few rounds. Even the easy nes I don’t think are actually winnable without way over the top gear. At least at my level
The one make me unsettle, what to use is more better? magic type or pure offense
I amtrying 4 sp, 3 kn , rest in attack now. Just to make use of mass rapid. Hellfire eats ur precious mana anyway :/
Too hard.
If the enemy had half as much army I still would have no idea how to beat it.
Play hellfire build.. split mistress into 3 stacks.
Any idea how I should have fought here?

I managed to beat the first 6 stages on the highest difficulty but now I hit a wall. I tried to use the hellfire talent as well but I find it difficult to get the knowledge and spell power needed to make use of it. Either the bonus damage is too small or I run out of mana in 2 turns.
for Tuor:

Take nightmares instead of searing horses, try to take retaliation before hitting so you preserve your larger stacks. You should have killed magi first as the magic punch ignores the stat difference between you and the AI opponent
for techy:

also take mistresses instead of temptresses. they move faster, and temptation (i predict) will not be very useful in this event
Started with might, switched to hellfire build after and it was easy.

I think might will make more sense when we have more units later on.
for _-_Kratos_-_:
It also makes sense now when fighting against troops without a hero.
for _-_Kratos_-_:

Maybe I'm slow, but how do you swap to a different build? I thought the talents were locked in? If I switch to mage artifacts, will the talents match the set?
for techy:No the talents are fixed
My guess is battle fury for might +if someone wants to change build he can use hellfire to his likeing
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