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Why i can't resurrect my units?

AuthorWhy i can't resurrect my units?
Im playing with dwarf fraction, i bought dwarf skill potion too, so i have every kind of rune, but i dont see my rune of resurrection only at the begining of battle, when my all uints are full, but later never. Why is that?
I thought i used too many rune and this the reason that i dont see them later, but no, because i have tried to play with not much rune at the begining, mostly with just agility rune etc, but no, i still cant resurrect, never, only at the begining where this rune is useless.
I dont understand, because i have seen other dwarfs can resurrect at the end game too.
Any idea?

dwarf units can only use a rune once, so if you use another rune like speed or crusade you ant resurect as that would be the second rune, which isnt possible
Sure, but i have Spare Rune ability.
The spare rune ability will allow you to use a specific rune twice, to be used for all your units

But each unit can only use a rune once per battle

Why you see the option at the start only but not later is due to the fact you will have already used a rune on this unit
Yes, now the game allowed me to use resurrection later too. I think i understand how its work. Thanks.
for ScylluaDarkhope: spare rune does not allow your troops to use 2 runes per battle. without it you would have only 1 speed rune for ALL your troops and if you use it for berserkers you wont be able to use it for bears. spare rune allows you an extra speed rune so you can speed rune with 2 different units instead of just 1.

it does the same with all runes. so you would have access to 2 crusade, retribution runes dwarven divinity runes magical attraction or cleansing runes. however, just because you have access to all these runes doesnt mean you will be able to use more then 1 per combat.
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