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Watcher guild

AuthorWatcher guild
Should I stop playing watcher guild. Got tired of losing. Not one times but all three quest pretty much everyday. The equipment is not cheap.
I would say stop. Wait a couple of levels and WG becomes more manageble
The difficult does not grow with level ?
And what level do you recommend to do watcher guild
At low level the WG quests are easier.. just wear better arts. I looked at some of your lost WG combats and you are wearing arts worth like ~330 gold per combat. Why not just wear better arts, since winning a WG quest gives you ~600 gold? How do you expect to beat the AI with much more stats than you if you are not a pumped or turbo boss player.

Also, in 2 heroes combats always go for the magic casters first. Since they have fewer troops, it is possible to finish them before their first cast sometimes.
ALright. Thanks for the advice
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