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Watcher Guild - Update

AuthorWatcher Guild - Update
So I decided to follow Galthran advice to use 40 AP art. Let,s just say that I only won a1 out of 5 matches. So, I have a few question here:

1. Should I stop watcher guild until higher level ?

2. Should I change faction to elf or necromancer ?

3. What should I do now ?
1. No need to stop it can be good to learn from.
2. Battles are balanced towards each faction and since you don't have the faction skill level (FSL) on any of those factions you'll need to drink a skill potion so it is a waste of gold.

3. After you lose a battle, I recommend visiting this site:

and putting in the battle id of the lost battle and seeing how others have won it.

Learn and get better
Also it will likely be harder since you are missing the Minotaur upgrades, so I guess you can sit out until those if the battle is too hard
He LV 9 so upgrade Mino should with diamond. Without diamond must wait till LV 10
They are also considered mini pvp fights. anti to those factions helps a lot in those fighrs. every level in a faction gives you 3% damage reduction to all damage done to you by that faction. f you look at my character i have fsl 10-11 in everything so i reduce 30-33% damage from pretty much all classes in a "pvp" setting. this helps ALOT in watchers guild and as you are missing anti you take a lot more damage then you should be at this point in time.
No need to stop it can be good to learn from.


The higher level you get without WG (and other guilds), the less stats you have compared to other players, the harder WG quests will feel. If you have good stats at a low level, you will basically snowball into a monster character quite easily. It is possible to catch up, but you will need to spend a lot of diamonds.

I think your talents and troop setup can be adjusted a bit too. I would take basic offense + battle fury + basic leadership/basic luck, or advanced leadership + rally, or basic offense + basic leadership + rally. I didn't do the specific calculations, but I think shrews would benefit more from battle fury instead of advanced offense, being the main damage dealer for level 9 dark elf.

I had wore around the same arts as you did in the past battles (minus cape of winds, it is pretty useless), and never really run into much of a problem. If you look at the link that Hapkoman provided, the players that get 3 stars in WG all have >20 points in attack and defence, but it is not required. I did mine at around 22 attack and 18 defence back at level 9 quite easily. I had diamond upgrade though. https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=1235860090&html5=1

You can also assess your probability to win certain combats. For example, a hunt type battle with slow units and no shooters would be easy win for dark elves. A castle type combat can be skipped as it can be difficult, especially if catapult cannot be controlled, as dark elves have no flying unit.
Well, I changed faction to elf. Got 2 star on watcher guild. Even though faction level is 0, it sure make things easy.
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