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remove eofo from commander guild

Authorremove eofo from commander guild
this mode is basically only people making deals that they will team up and wreck everyone and in the end, fight against each other. this mode has nothing to do with tactics, what the commander guild should be about. I would prefer new commander guild modes, like one where you get cannons with a set amount of damage, attack and defence, plus hp and ini, where the stats from hero dont get counted. or another comm mode which could freshen up the game. any ideas/suggestions? the eofo is noobfriendly, but there should be other ideas that are better
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you cant type in eofo in commanders guild. so how will deals be made?
just skip cg the time of day that it shows up
its already decided before the game. I have done that too, you make an alliance in pm, and just wreck everyone.
Don't play it.
First time I hear of people making deals in eofo before battle and they are actually so lucky to meet each other in 200+ participants.

In EOFO you are meant to team up to succeed, there is no way one player can take down 5 under the dynamic balancing. Such teams up outside combat are difficult to prove. I think the player base is to blame, as low number of people playing at higher levels results in such teams.

Removing EOFO is not the solution, there is a seperate fan base for these type of fights (myself included) which is clearly seen in number of players (mirror bots) joining it.

For different type of PvPs, I support!

EOFOs are fun.
Instead admins can bring more time slots for different types of cg instead of sacrificing the existing slots.
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