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Creature abilities in combat are not shown properly

AuthorCreature abilities in combat are not shown properly
The description of a lot of creature abilities in combat are cut off in the middle of the sentence, like this: https://www.lordswm.com/photo_pl_photos.php?aid=308612&pl_id=7409777

Tests I did:
- chrome browser, firefox browser, android app - all 3 did not properly load the ability descriptions, so the problem is most likely on the server side and not just for me.
- the cut off in descriptions seems to be random (e.g. "shooter" ability cuts off at 148 character length, "plague shot" at 110).
- my.lordswm.com and heroeswm.ru seem to load the abilitys correctly.
- on the creature's site everything is loaded correctly (e. g. https://www.lordswm.com/army_info.php?name=lich).
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