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Changed to Elf and have several questions

AuthorChanged to Elf and have several questions
I'm level 12 and i mostly PvE so all my questions are related to PvE (hunts, thievs, merc,...)

1. Are my current talents good? I usually use "summon phantom" on GMB.

2. When should i use Fearies or more Druids?

3. Does "favored" enemy gets chosen automatically to the enemy in the hunt?

4. Ocassionally i will PvP. What's currently popular to have "favored" enemy set to for each class?
1. Yes

2. In hunts you mostly want to max gmb and druids and protect them with other units and phantom on the shooters. Some niche cases where you want faeries like against a slow unit with no morale so you can endlessly run.

3. Yes

4. I'll let someone more experienced answer
For thievs you'll want to take forest keepers and faeries to rush enemy
for pvp elves are stronger early/mid levels and get weaker and weaker the higher you go.
crit when factions only have 2-3 units is quite strong but when classes unlock t6-7 units and have 5-6 threats it really falls off hard in effectiveness. charmers are strong mid levels and start falling off around 14 since they only ever get 2 t7 units compared to 10 from necros and 5-6 for barb/fire dwarf so charmer is effectively only unicorns as sharps die to anything even remotely looking their way and brethren are quite squishy as well.

any elves you see on high levels are going full rush offense build and trying to snipe mage matchups as rusher beats mages, mages beat defense and defense beats attack.

for pve elf is clearly the best due to high innit elite foest keepers and overall hgh damage fast units.
At your level I like enemy shooters (for enemy might) for pvp favored enemy. GMB are strong but squishy so I always wanted to kill enemy shooters first volley. Against necro you are screwed anyways.

Rally is fine but archery or battle fury is better depending on build.
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