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little simplification for smiths

Authorlittle simplification for smiths
i do not know if such is suggested before, but it really would be nice, if smiths could repair clan items even with full inventory space, Could be handled like the chests of abundance, which also don't use space.

The problem is, you always have to change faction, just in events like this, just to repair a clan item.

I don't think, there are possibilities for cheating, because it is just 1 item and it is in blacksmith.

Of course, at least 1 faction should be build with the highest inventory space, and with this faction you should have space to get this 1 item.
Smith life would be easier if all repairs took place at the "clients" inventory, just accept the repair and be done with it.
As for those who said that repairs can't be done out of smith shop when suggested that, I am waiting all of you to take down your iron fence, bring it to me and then go put it back on.
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