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Gold return

AuthorGold return
How to complaint? If a person borrowed some gold from myself and forgot to return the same gold.
Read the rules of the following forum branch to learn how to complain:

Make sure to include the name and link to the person, an excerpt of the transfer log.

You won't get your gold back but the person will be fined so they will lose that gold.

When giving loans, if you do not specify a term length, the loan is automatically given for a month.
source for rules: https://www.lordswm.com/about-game-general-rules

3.14. There are limits for transfers intended as loans. Maximum size of debt that can be owed to all other players in total is 15,000 * [Combat level] gold. The maximum term for loans is 1 month, unless the comments to the transfers state a shorter period.

3.15.2. Presents must be properly signed at all times by transferring 1 gold with proper comments. Otherwise, the transfer is considered loan and must be returned within 1 month (ref 3.14.).

3.17. The Administration does not take responsibility for the unreturned debts and does not guarantee compensation in case of swindling by other players; as well as in case if the debtor has been blocked. When a loan is not returned in time, (the time must be written in the transfer logs, no more than a month) the swindler will be imposed a penalty of a sum twice as much. If the term isn't posted in the transfer logs, the penalty will occur 1 month after the loan transaction. The creditor does not get compensation.
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