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Congrats to the Game

AuthorCongrats to the Game
Congrats to the game for continuing running for 15 years with no voice of players, no growth but a dedicated fanbase, slow development but great diamond usage increment.

Really makes me proud to play this game for next 10 years mugging the same events and guilds.
I'm understanding the passive aggressive tone of this post but in fairness the game has improved enormously in this regard, especially on the .com side.

Once upon a time .com was completely neglected, events once a year. And we are talking survival tournament/minor tournament not actual events as they exist now.

There was zero interaction from admins, nil.

Now i'm not really defending the admins, it is quite a mystery how they choose to run this game. However things are markedly better than they once were, they do also interact and hear the player voice over on .ru. Some of the truly unpopular changes get quickly resolved.

There are also many more guilds, battle types and factions. AG/WG/CG/rangers guild did not exist. There were no alt factions. Dwarf, tribal, pharaoh did not exist.

Small incremental improvements add up over a decade. Is it a slow game? Sure. Don't forget that the game was fully ripped off from HOMM, I don't think the admins are renowned for their creativity and artistic genius.
It's been a fun journey. Great being with y'all here!
Hopefully it continues longer!
This is what the current event does to people. :(
I agree
15 years ago I created this account, so naive I was
Congrats, one of the first games I ever played :D
Second game online i play other after fallen sword and travian but the longest i play untill now since 2009-2013 and 2017-yill now
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