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Change structure of 3v3s in mixed CGs

AuthorChange structure of 3v3s in mixed CGs
Make it autoable and ensure the pairing is equal

21 is not equal to 16+14

Assign different values to levels and make pairing based on it, also faction values like in eofo would be welcome
Disagree with auto, nothing worse than a mirror team mate.
auto should be removed even with 1v1 CGs
just pathetic way to grind cg points.. mockery of 'player vs player'
for PlayboT:
pvp is already a mockery. its almost 70% rng driven with atb, partners, luck morale,triggered abilites and damage range.
Get rid of CG guild benefits.
Get rid of CG guild benefits.

I try to stick with suggestions that might actually happen. :P
Get rid of CG.
Get rid of Runaway ability
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