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[2024.04.03] Day of Helpful Hunters

Author[2024.04.03] Day of Helpful Hunters
Astrologers proclaim the Day of Helpful Hunters! Only today:

  • If you win in 5 assisted hunts, you will receive Abu Bakir's Charm for 5 days.
  • +20% Hunters' Guild points earned for all assisted hunts.
  • Good
    Does this include the hunts where we host the aassisted hunt?
    for Goranshu:
    Is the 5 day charm receivable only once ? Or is it for every 5 Hunts 5 days?
    You can get it only once for the first 5
    Oh that is unfortunate :(
    I was hoping atleast a full 30 day was earnable.
    Still fortunate to have the chance of 5 days, just not quite as fortunate as if you could get to 30;)
    Bad day if want to give ABC just give it for free or hunt urself 5 hungs

    Why forcing peep to do share hunt
    If you do nothing, you lose nothing compared to it it was any other day.

    So by this day existing you only have the option of gaining, and it is your choice as to whether to take advantage or not.

    No forcing to do anything. Incentivise yes.
    This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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