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Congrats to myself on 10 gold medals in ST! long time goal accomplished

AuthorCongrats to myself on 10 gold medals in ST! long time goal accomplished
been shooting for 10 gold medals in single ST on single level for a long time now. on cloud 9 right now :)
Congratulations even we wouldn't be able to track with so many medals that u got
congrats! a great achievement
Bravo, keep slaying!
Wow. Well played.
Very impressive, well done! Most people do not have one gold medal in a survival tourney, and you go and collect all 10 in one go. This is not just raw stats, that also takes time and patience and strategy to max out what you get each round. Kudos!
Lol, I didn't realise you could actually defeat the waves, I thought they just kept on going till you died!

for Lord MilesTeg:
yea they changed it way back. like 1st place in each gave 10 hg at one point and that was when competition was fierce and they used to pay more gold as reward but that has also changed.
Well done !!
Congratulations Slayer !
Great achievement
Congrats Slayer! I wonder if anyone above lvl 13 has done this before?
Keep going.
Time for 11 gold medals in one ST :)
for latawica:
already done that when i went from 18-19, got like 14-15 gold medals
It supposed to be funny however - of course - you must have tricked the system.

Insane! Congrats
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