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Burden of death


AuthorBurden of death
Finally event is here

What’s the strategy? Are we waiting to copy battles
Important points

- take some parameters in knowledge and spell power for darkness spells

- 100 battles, 12 days to complete

- battle exhaustion
can't they stop people from copying(i.e. sharing links)?
for 1234qwer: not really, there are too many screen recording programs/apps nowadays.
I’m a fan of kchong; he a pro
feels like the silver get larger more battles you get in so fight as far as possible then fight for silver
Need an event that gives WG but ill take it im starving
pretty easy day 1. just go full spell power and decay build and defend with black knights etc.
Does faction level affect your stats when playing a neutral event like this or can i use it to boost my lower fsp

so in this battle i have faction level 11 and i have 25% ini from gear, so if faction level bonus stats dont work then my dogs should have 17.5 ini but they have 19.6, that means faction level stats are in effect, will confirm tomorrow when i play on dark elf, of which i have faction potion activated for.

based on the math it is 12% ini from faction level with the 25% from gear. will have to see if fsl 13 changes anything or if 11/12 is max
Better to work it out from attack no?
for slayerofall:are u counting in theives? And yea i did it as dark elf so it would be more relevant tommorow anyways. Im not gonna switch unless i know for sure
for merlin36:why? that math is the same regardless. if no faction stats then the math is easy as 14x 1.25

if faction stats are in effect it is 14x1.14x1.25 which equals 19.6 which is what my dogs have so faction stats are in effect.
for Lord Mahendra_11:
As long as i remember i never win agaist kchong in duel or event scoring xD
@slayerofall I think faction stats are in effect. I played as wizard and got +1 to knowledge and when I switched to elf it disappeared
But skill points didn't have an effect. I have fsl 10 on wizard and 6 on elf. The attack and defence parameters didn't change for same gear
spell caster is way to go i messed up day one
так какой же приз амулет или щит? не прнятно

Во время события можно получить до 25 частей Щита страха и до 20 частей Небесного кинжала. Кроме того, в зависимости от ранга вашего военного клана будет выдано еще до 5 частей Щита страха!
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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