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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
Financial assist10.10, 05:541coolahed10.10, 05:54, by coolahed
transfers10.09, 12:073coolahed10.09, 21:16, by Nimfa9
Illeagal transfers from multi10.09, 18:351jaydyn10.09, 18:35, by jaydyn
transfers10.09, 05:222coolahed10.09, 18:21, by Nimfa9
a cheater illenger tranfer10.09, 14:161-gurl-barbarian10.09, 14:16, by -gurl-barbarian
Illegal transfer09.26, 20:373#7490Lord PenTus10.09, 13:40, by #7490Lord PenTus
moi porol10.09, 13:331Lord RERUM10.09, 13:33, by Lord RERUM
Multichars10.09, 10:271Margorita10.09, 10:27, by Margorita
bad name10.09, 09:431lordswm1210.09, 09:43, by lordswm12
More illegal transfers10.09, 08:102Aazad10.09, 08:26, by Aazad
1 more ppl with illenger tranfer for multi10.09, 06:341Kiss_Me_Can210.09, 06:34, by Kiss_Me_Can2
Violations10.09, 05:552coolahed10.09, 05:56, by coolahed
illenger tranfer from multi10.09, 04:072-gurl-barbarian10.09, 04:11, by -gurl-barbarian
Infringement of rules. Point 3.910.08, 19:462Margorita10.08, 19:48, by Margorita
Transfers10.08, 15:512coolahed10.08, 16:58, by Nimfa9
ForgottenKing10.08, 15:561Dalamar210.08, 15:56, by Dalamar2
illegal transfer to dungro from democe and barbog10.08, 13:101aka4710.08, 13:10, by aka47
Accidental Rent10.08, 05:242sexy_girlz198910.08, 11:46, by KnightSlayer
mult10.07, 14:173Lord Alex87-11910.08, 09:57, by Nicenature
Phisher ?10.07, 21:352ZepTraL10.07, 22:15, by #7153DragonFlayer
Ahmed12345678910.07, 19:391Dalamar210.07, 19:39, by Dalamar2
Pawn shop business10.07, 19:261Lord _force_10.07, 19:26, by Lord _force_
Big Money Transfers and Fake Loans !!10.07, 18:003-AllanWalker-10.07, 18:05, by -AllanWalker-
Breaking of the character10.02, 16:552BF194210.07, 15:33, by BF1942
illenger tranfer from multi10.07, 14:402-gurl-barbarian10.07, 14:41, by -gurl-barbarian
financial assist10.07, 10:341Lord iChester10.07, 10:34, by Lord iChester
Lol is this normal ? playing whid urself ?10.04, 21:373Lady Jaguars10.06, 15:15, by #7153Lord cantbstopped
wat a log!!10.06, 14:481brandonM10.06, 14:48, by brandonM
kim_loO is cheating to!..10.06, 13:148Lord youlose10.06, 13:59, by Lord Macsek91
qo0op10.06, 12:452Lady zero-zero10.06, 12:46, by #7153Queen_Amanda

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