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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
multichars: avi007/chela/shwordman /indian-1 /gurugi/girl11109.05, 18:231Tiarina09.05, 18:23, by Tiarina
AshwiniKrishan [7] and others illegal transfers09.05, 16:261Arghmage09.05, 16:26, by Arghmage
multichar09.05, 08:402Lord Dreus09.05, 10:55, by survive
multichar: kzheng/chueen09.05, 06:161Lady Eurena09.05, 06:16, by Lady Eurena
Andre3000 - Possible phishing attempt09.05, 06:021Arr-Ow09.05, 06:02, by Arr-Ow
multichars: Diablo10 and(?) LeoMessi09.05, 05:342Lady Eurena09.05, 05:40, by Lady Eurena
illegal transfers09.05, 05:171MassMuderer09.05, 05:17, by MassMuderer
multichar: lordanubhav09.04, 18:461Lady Eurena09.04, 18:46, by Lady Eurena
multichar: Lord_mordack09.04, 18:401Lady Eurena09.04, 18:40, by Lady Eurena
multichar: MAHDISAMADI09.04, 18:311Lady Eurena09.04, 18:31, by Lady Eurena
ban09.04, 16:081Lord Foboss09.04, 16:08, by Lord Foboss
This Fool gave me her password in the the pm09.04, 12:349DarkWizard109.04, 13:47, by DarkWizard1
phishing attempt by -dvd-09.02, 14:415Eliona09.04, 09:58, by Lord InNomineNoctis
someone transffering my money to someone09.04, 08:501thomasjeon09.04, 08:50, by thomasjeon
Illegal Transfers09.04, 07:171Lord Made_in_Ukraine09.04, 07:17, by Lord Made_in_Ukraine
Illegal Transfer09.04, 07:101Lord Made_in_Ukraine09.04, 07:10, by Lord Made_in_Ukraine
-Winner- illegal Transfers09.04, 06:141-_-Cool_Girl-_-09.04, 06:14, by -_-Cool_Girl-_-
multichar: poo10109.04, 05:121Lady Eurena09.04, 05:12, by Lady Eurena
lordjani wanted to get my password09.01, 14:487Lesnichiy09.04, 04:47, by coolahed
notorious creating battles+afk & more09.03, 18:362Lord imlegend09.03, 18:36, by Lord imlegend
dolg09.03, 14:5234us09.03, 17:20, by Cool_demon_girl
Narutoayan - TGI never returned09.03, 12:162NekroBlood09.03, 12:24, by narutoayan
to ban player for good09.03, 10:102zarninothing09.03, 10:51, by #7365Slynky
to block player for greater good,no place for hacker09.03, 10:223zarninothing09.03, 10:46, by #7365Slynky
WIZARD201'S ILLEGAL TRANSFER09.02, 13:202Lord Champion-109.03, 09:31, by -Assasin_Hell-
multichar: dogcatsnakeman109.02, 18:511Lady Eurena09.02, 18:51, by Lady Eurena
Bobrenok-plishing09.02, 17:293iDrink09.02, 18:15, by iDrink
phishing attempt by Major4ik08.30, 20:074pimaen09.02, 07:06, by Lord InNomineNoctis
hacked09.01, 16:437gowtham09.02, 07:04, by Lord InNomineNoctis
multichar: chaluandchamar09.02, 05:041Lady Eurena09.02, 05:04, by Lady Eurena

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