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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
multichar: the_last_king08.22, 13:041Lady Eurena08.22, 13:04, by Lady Eurena
illegal transfers08.22, 10:251evil0508.22, 10:25, by evil05
multichar: bobrenok08.22, 10:101Lady Eurena08.22, 10:10, by Lady Eurena
lots of illegal transfers08.21, 14:361#7705ressurecta08.21, 14:36, by #7705ressurecta
illeger transfers with mult08.21, 11:041Freyd_Bowman08.21, 11:04, by Freyd_Bowman
michaelkingboy08.21, 03:041elvishmike08.21, 03:04, by elvishmike
financial assist - NaLy00708.20, 13:404HomeWork08.20, 15:54, by NaLy007
Password scammer08.20, 12:212#4201Magier08.20, 12:56, by Lord Makkadihm
multichar08.19, 17:592ApmeqpAkm08.20, 09:57, by _Zero_Hero_
multichar: AEKS08.20, 05:482Lady Eurena08.20, 09:52, by _Zero_Hero_
Be careful to your password08.19, 17:522Bender8408.19, 19:35, by #7365Slynky
Small ilegal transfers08.19, 18:091Lord GAURANGA08.19, 18:09, by Lord GAURANGA
New violations with chars that have been already penalized.08.06, 11:442Lord KillerHawk08.19, 13:37, by Lord KillerHawk
illeger tranfer...08.19, 13:291Terranika08.19, 13:29, by Terranika
I ask to understand08.19, 10:022Lord -Ejan-08.19, 11:39, by Lord Someon3
multichar: TheHanter08.19, 06:021Lady Eurena08.19, 06:02, by Lady Eurena
multichar: ron508.19, 05:571Lady Eurena08.19, 05:57, by Lady Eurena
Multi character is increasing in this game.08.15, 18:185zndiar08.19, 04:08, by #7153Clemency
Alot of gold one way08.18, 19:332Nullby08.19, 00:50, by _Zero_Hero_
illeger tranfer...08.18, 11:322gowtham08.18, 14:34, by _Zero_Hero_
Illeagal offer!08.17, 10:279Ryurik08.18, 10:41, by Ryurik
illeger tranfer...08.18, 06:422Lady catty-cat08.18, 07:26, by survive
illeger tranfer...08.18, 04:551gowtham08.18, 04:55, by gowtham
multichar: Junhao08.17, 17:141Lady Eurena08.17, 17:14, by Lady Eurena
attempt to thieve my character08.17, 12:183Lord maxsonic08.17, 13:06, by Lord Almer
kik1108.17, 08:584orlando12208.17, 10:12, by Death_magic
attempt to thieve my character08.17, 09:421Lord maxsonic08.17, 09:42, by Lord maxsonic
orlando12208.16, 09:397DutchRavager08.17, 08:43, by DutchRavager
transfers - overpayed loan08.16, 23:401#7153Clemency08.16, 23:40, by #7153Clemency
Multi transfers08.16, 20:302Nullby08.16, 21:46, by Nullby

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