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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
multiple transfers for connor's multis09.21, 19:311Skunder09.21, 19:31, by Skunder
mults illegal tranfers09.21, 18:421Vitovt09.21, 18:42, by Vitovt
Cheater-Krattos09.20, 15:3511Germanius74185209.21, 13:45, by Germanius741852
mults ilegal tranfers09.21, 10:293Lady DirtyPussy09.21, 10:54, by Lady DirtyPussy
swindle09.19, 20:304#7110Dark_Hunter09.21, 07:04, by Zyanya
Illegal transfers09.11, 17:1623Michaelangelo09.20, 23:31, by kenshinrtk
illegal transfers, ring of multis (9 of them if not more)09.20, 21:281Balanud09.20, 21:28, by Balanud
illegal transfers from multis09.20, 21:281Sunny-Dayz09.20, 21:28, by Sunny-Dayz
financial assists09.20, 15:111Lord PG_Fakir09.20, 15:11, by Lord PG_Fakir
Marek12 illegal transfers09.20, 13:211Lord gtt09.20, 13:21, by Lord gtt
illegal transfers09.19, 21:493connor6009.20, 13:01, by Lord gtt
http://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=144415 shadowlasher09.19, 19:172matt__77709.19, 19:21, by matt__777
Wantted09.18, 19:455Dalamar209.19, 18:15, by Dalamar2
illegal transfers, suspicion of multi08.16, 20:5319larslars5009.19, 13:58, by larslars50
cheater aruish09.16, 08:2410suvosh09.19, 11:33, by Zyanya
Illegal transfers09.19, 08:262lukeeee09.19, 08:48, by palkiax
thief stole my money09.19, 07:472Lord warrensucks09.19, 07:54, by Lady misself
Financial Cheater smbsmbsmbs12309.18, 17:071smbgames09.18, 17:07, by smbgames
multi account trading TG artifacts09.18, 15:351#7382Korzika09.18, 15:35, by #7382Korzika
finincial cheater09.18, 15:021RGWarior09.18, 15:02, by RGWarior
One more TGI lost because of BazTheLegend .....09.18, 11:012Lord SIDERISKA09.18, 11:03, by Lord last_one
illegal transfer12.04, 09:07125God5end09.18, 07:10, by God5end
Not returning money and not answering my mials09.17, 07:315Arkapal_1109.18, 07:01, by Arkapal_11
Illegal transfers09.18, 06:081spirOFF09.18, 06:08, by spirOFF
money funneling09.18, 02:213Lady Abby09.18, 05:19, by #414Dan-Panic
multis in same battle09.17, 14:403GreenLeaf09.17, 15:14, by Zyanya
Illegal transfers between Goroda and Jigoro-Kano09.17, 09:261Lord potassium09.17, 09:26, by Lord potassium
2 out of three afk n player attacked his mate09.17, 03:273drax22209.17, 03:44, by Zyanya
transfer log of mystic_fighter09.16, 17:373moltend_phoenix09.16, 23:40, by Zyanya
suvosh09.13, 08:265Lord Head-Shot09.16, 13:52, by darmogathel

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